Dowse: raising network transparency awareness workshop


We should be able to manner your devices behaviour

But first you need to be aware of what they do!

We have created an instrument that allows you to “sense” the activity of your own network, light-heartedly share your resources with your friends or neighbours and protect your home-LAN.

DOWSE is an open source and open hardware device that you can setup on a low cost computer board (such as Raspberry Pi, or an OlinuXino).

It is easy to set up Dowse in your network, it configures in a breeze. Dowse will will speed the home network up, eliminating malware and unwanted advertising, and hiding from the outside all your activity, including crucial metadata as DNS queries.

Moreover, Dowse allows you to be aware of all your devices' behaviours and traffic requests.

All activities can be seen in a glimpse. Phones, tablets, computer applications or other electronic things “calling home” (fridge and shoes included) will pop up on your DOWSE radar and you can decide to switch them off.

SET DOWSE IN YOUR HOME, so you can sense and switch off any unwanted network activity.

You will be helped by hackers and artists to make your own box. Or you can get one immediately and work connecting your own ideas and devices to link network events with leds, sounds and other software.

DOWSE is developed by, your favorite free-software Think&do Tank

more info:

Design and Hack Workshops

We try to make to Dowse technology accessible to everyone. Artists that would like to have their intallations to react to nework traffic, designers that want to make things that talks with real-time data, hackers that are interested in cryptography and intelligent proxy and many others. Be creative with the way the box has to be used. Is a lot of productive fun to do it.

Dowse is great for makers

Dowse allows you to practice the art of “dowsing the net” while at the same time you can create your own smart meters, your responsive environments or objects.

The Dowse device talks to you using Websockets, MQTT, and OSC so it interfaces with anything that uses open standards and protocols, allowing you to create the interface you want and inventing new ones.

a 3 day intensive design workshop dedicated to set up, explore and reflect on the notion of private network, shared resources, net awareness through Dowse.

What would you learn?

- to install and configure DOWSE- Basic dowsing techniques using gource and netdata.

- TO analyze situations where to use Dowse and think about usecases

- To use MQTT to easily design complex interaction through NODE RED or Pure data

- To create objects that respond to network events found by Dowse as alarms, sensors, lights, etc.

- To send events related to your traffic to social networks (Twitter, Irc, FB, Telegram) and viceversa


WORKSHOP costs 150€ euros/person

  • it costs 300€ if is organised for a company or is b-to-b; we will use the extra money to finance community workshops
  • If you have in mind an educational or a community event and you don't have budget: ask. is a vocational non-profit org. We might find a way to hack together nevertheless.

What you will get home:

A fully functioning Dowse 1.0 box, knowledge on how customise it and some awareness about internet flows and the controller you build..00

The full workshop fare includes the Dowse box hardware, based on Raspberry Pi 3; for MAX 20 people (10:00 → 17:00) and you will be followed by two of us.

If you wish to organise a dowse workshup please get in touch with fredd(at)

Workshop description flyer 1.0